The company was founded as "TTH Stahlhandel GmbH" in 1991. It all began in the North of Erfurt in a rented property "Am Rasenrain 2" with an office, a small warehouse and 2 employees. The warehouse assortment initially consisted almost exclusively of steel beams and rods.

In the years that followed, the programme was extended successively to meet the customers' constantly growing demands. The company supplies all trades with steel, stainless steel / non-ferrous, concrete steel and various building elements and offers an extensive steel preparation service. In the following years up to 2002 investments were made in an extensive machine park (profile saw, sheet shearer, concrete steel cutter, plate bending machine etc.) for this field. Fast, reliable order handling, competent consulting and quick delivery are top priorities.

In April 2004 there was a change of management. The previous Managing Director (Dietrich Schröder) took early retirement and passed on the management of the company to the two new Managing Directors Joachim Arlt and Heiko Lederer.

Under the new management the market position of the company as a supplier of steel products and service provider was expanded to supraregional sales areas and further strengthened by targeted investments. One of the first measures was the introduction of a computer-aided goods management program which helped to handle the sales, warehousing and accounts. This was followed a little later by the purchasing of bending software for processing concrete steel orders.

The property (approx. 13,000 m²) was purchased in 2005. This allowed them to make the necessary extensive restorations to the whole property and to build a new stainless steel warehouse. Storage in the steel warehouse was then changed over from longitudinal to transverse storage. This and the commissioning of a high-shelf store considerably increased the warehouse capacity. An additional hall crane with two crabs was installed in the course of reorganisation of the steel warehouse. A new crane was also commissioned in the outdoor store. This helped to reduce the loading and unloading times and ensure a more flexible order handling.

The existing capacities in the area of concrete steel and especially the concrete steel preparation were exhausted. The company was able to improve its performance considerably with the commissioning of a concrete steel bending machine with coiler in 2006. The concrete steel capacity has been 2,000 t/month since then. With the extension of the warehouse assortment in the area of flat products (plates), railing accessories, stainless steel, gate and door elements as well as connection fittings new customers were recruited.

Photovoltaics energy of the future

A photovoltaic system was mounted on the roof of our warehouse in May 2006. It had an output power of 120 kWp. It was extended by another 100 kWp in 2007. The company therefore makes a major contribution to environmental protection. The system can supply electricity to about 200 households. The CO2 emission is therefore reduced considerably for the benefit of our environment.

Renaming of the company

The company was renamed TMS Thüringer Metall- und Stahlservice GmbH in January 2008.


The new management places great emphasis on the development and training of new young staff. They now have 2 trade and 3 commercial apprenticeship posts. Various posts for practicals are also offered to the neighbouring education facilities. The company today has a permanent staff of 25.

Social commitment

The company not only creates jobs and training posts in the region but also makes a social contribution. Thsv Eisenach (National Handball League) for their excellent youth work and the Erfurt Theatre Company receive continuous support. Other material and monetary donations were made to youth associations and for supporting renovation of the Guard House in Hirschgarten (Erfurt) in front of the seat of government of the Thuringia Land Parliament.

Customers come from all branches of industry

In order to be permanently on stand-by to deliver to customers, the company has a good, expansive, international network of suppliers and dealers. The steel products originate mainly from Western and Central Europe and the United Kingdom. But goods from China, India, Korea and Turkey are also sold. Customers come from all sectors of industry from plant constructions, the energy industry, automotive industry and steel construction to power station construction and the wind energy industry.

Active partnership

Being an active and reliable partner to trade and industry for the future is one of our elementary aims.

With confidence in a lasting relationship

Mutual trust is the basis for creating a pleasant atmosphere in our customer relations. Looking after our business partners politely and competently is an obligation.

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